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Número CAS: 87-69-4 Ácido L (+) -tartárico (ÁCIDO TARTÁRICO)

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Modelo:  CAS Number

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N ° de Modelo: CAS Number: 87-69-4 Classificação: Aditivos Alimentícios Aparência: Pó Nome Químico: L-2, 3-Dihydroxy Butanedioic Acid Assay (Após Secagem, Asc4h6o6: 99.7. Marca Registrada: kamadi Especificação: powder Código HS: 2918120000 Eficácia : Promover Tipo de Nutrição: Estabilizadores Cor: Branco Fórmula Molecular: Fórmula Molecular Ponto de Fusão: 168 Pacote de Transporte: 25kg / Bag Origem: China \ nNúmero CAS: 87-69-4 L & lpar; & plus; - ÁCIDO TARTÁRICO & ÁCIDO TARTÁRICO & rpar; \ nNúmero do CAS: 87-69-4 \ nEspecificações: \ n


Colorless or translucent crystals, or a white, fine granular, crystalline powder. It is odorless, has an acid taste, and is stable in air. 

Chemical Name
L-2,3-dihydroxy butanedioic acid 
Molecular Formula C4H6O6
Structural Formula  
Molecular Weight

(Executive Standard: GB 25544-2010,also meets the international standards of FCC,BP,USP ect.)

Assay(after drying, asC4H6O6)


Specific Rotation

+12~ +13

200ppm Max
Lead 10ppm Max 
  10ppm Max 
Nickel 1ppm Max 
Copper 1ppm Max 
Zinc 1ppm Max 
Residue on Ignition 1ppm Max 
Residue on Drying 0.5% Max 
Melting Point 168-170
Oxalate test Qualified ,no turbidity forms
Sulfate test Qualified ,no turbidity forms


L(+)-Tartaric acid is widely used as acidulant in beverage,and other foods, such as soft drinks, wine, candy, bread and some colloidal sweetmeats. With its optical activity, L(+)-Tartaric acid is used as chemical resolving agent to resolve DL-amino-butanol, an intermediate for antitubercular drug. And it is used as chiral pool to synthesize tartrate derivatives. With its acidity, it is used as catalyst in the resin finishing of polyester fabric or pH value regulator in oryzanol production. With its complexation, L(+)-Tartaric acid is used in electroplating, sulfur removal and acid pickling. It is also used as complexing agent, screening agent or chelating agent in chemical analysis and pharmaceutical inspection, or as resist agent in dyeing. With its reduction, it is used as reductive agent in manufacturing mirror chemically or imaging agent in photography. It can also complex with metal ion and can be used as cleaning agent or polishing agent of metal surface.


25KG net in Kratf/Plastic Bag lined with PE bag, 20MT/20FCL (on pallet).


Kept airtightly in a light-proof, dry and cool place.
\ n

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